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Zhangjiagang Jianglian
Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd

Zhangjiagang Jianglian Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd

Jianglian (RBTCH) Is Taiwan River Bllow Machinery Industries Co.,ltd. Owned Enterprises Professional Production And Sales Of aluminum honeycombs core (since 1980), With the stable growth of our companies, our techniques and equipment are continually renewed and improved to satisfy broad market demands. We also focus on long-term business plans. Thereafter, in Taiwan, a new company, the TCcore Honeycomb was established.

With Advanced Automated CNC Production Line Equipment And 40 Years Of Aerospace Sheet Metal, Technical Personnel Developed To Produce High-quality Micro-cell Size Aluminum Honeycomb Core,HQaluminum honeycomb Panelsuit For SHIPS, AUTOMOTIVE, HSRSUBWAY, INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY, CONSTRUCTION, ELECTRONICS. Etc..Products through the SGS Test in accordance with the United States ASTM standards, European Union ROHS standards, Taiwan fire test standards, the company has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004.

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